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Two Stage Permanent Magnet Serial Screw Air Compressor With Normal Pressure

Model : XLPM-IID

Efficient two-stage compression motor; dual coaxial integrated design; double permanent magnet synchronous motor;dual frequency conversion control

Product Advantages

High efficiency horizontal motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor

Pressure ratio 3:1, reduces internal leakage, improves volume efficiency, and improves motor's service life. Low noise, small vibration and high reliability, motor with no bearing and no need for daily maintenance.

Frequency inverter

Dual frequency conversion control,Heavy starting torque, stable operation, constant torque output at 1Hz-120% rated frequency, and stepless speed changes can be realized. Change the speed in time with the change of air consumption, to meet the needs of different users.


7-inch color screen, touch operation, sensitive action, be equipped with active protection, alarming, maintenance reminding and automatic 24-hour unattended operation.

Oil&Air separator

Bigger oil and air separator and oil separator element, improving the initial separation efficiency, making the oil content less than or equal to 3ppm.

Efficiency filtration system

Make exhaust oil content lower than 3ppm.Hepa filter, removes impurities in the lubricating oil to provide clean lubricating oil for the rotor and bearing of the motor, filters dust in the air, make the motor rotor and bearing free of damage.

Cooling fan

High efficiency and large air volume, greatly lower the temperature and prelong the lubricating oil change period.

Product Parameter

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