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Turbo Blower

Model : XLCB

Suspending by high speed rotating centrifugal force. Non-contacting, no need for maintenance and repairing. Vibration-free bearing

Product Advantages

Three-dimensional Impeller

New design in three dimensional structure Adopt high strength forging aluminum alloy AL7075, precision manufacturing by five-axis maching center. The surface is treated with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion

Motor Cooling System

Adopt the two stage air cooling and self-cooling type of the latest technology, reasonably and ingeniously set separate air flow passage inside and outside of the main engine to maximize the cooling effect, and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the blower system even in hot summer

Programmable logic controller

"Suitable control madule for centrifugal blower Equipped with powerful human-computer data exchange channel Equipped with communication interface of upper computer Anti surge protection to ensure the safety of the equipment Multiple operation modes provided"

High Speed Motor

"Adopt high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor. Efficiency≥96% Precise control for the speed Insulation grade H Class"

Product Parameter

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