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Direct Drive Compressor

Model : XA4830-24L

Piston compressor with direct drive motor,integral structure design.

Product Advantages

Pressure Switch Assembly

Switch assembly is the control system of air compressor, mainly control the start and stop of air compressor, pressure regulation, pressure display and air delivery. It mainly consists of: pressure switch, pressure gauge, pressure regulator valve, release valve, safety valve and other components.

Pressure Regulator Valve

The pressure regulator valve is used to adjust the air pressure released by outlet valve, so that it keeps in the required range.Turn the adjusting knob clockwise to increase the output air pressure, and turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise to decrease the output air pressure.

Outlet Valve

The outlet valve is the component of the air compressor that finally outputs compressed air to the pneumatic tools and the external connecting pipe. The common outlet valves include quick coupler,ball valve, needle valve.

Product Parameter

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